With his fledgling career in the balance at the end of last season, Anthony Bennett signed on with the Brooklyn Nets. Lets see how he is going.

Everyone has someone who they root for, even though they do not know why. My player of choice is Anthony Bennett. The former number one draft pick has had more homes than G. Callen off NCIS LA. He has played for four teams in four years. However, hopefully with the Brooklyn Nets he has found an organization who can harness the talents that he brings to the table.

So far this season, Bennett has played in eight games and, I think, now has found a home for the season.

He has averaged 11.4 minutes per game which is the third highest in his four-year career, taking 4.8 shots per game which is the second highest in his career. Happily he is connecting on 36.8 percent of those shots which is also the second highest number for his career.

His three-point percentage is 30.4 percent which is semi respectable and is the highest of his career. Combine this with the fact that he is taking the most three point attempts of his career and it is understandable that his points per game is at the highest also. 5.6 points per game compared to a career average of 4.3 may not sound like much but to a confidence player, it is huge.

Just last game, Bennett played just under six minutes for five points and four rebounds. His free throw shooting let him down, going 3-of-7 from the line. If he could improve that, Bennett may see even more playing time soon.