Anthony Morrow is still yet to hit a three point shot this season.

This is one of the most crazy headings that I have written. Anthony Morrow, the man who has made a living out of catching the ball and shooting it from beyond three has yet to find the bottom of the net from range this season.

Morrow has now played nine games of a possible 15. He is averaging 6.8 minutes per game and only 2.6 points per game. All of those 2.6 points per game have come from within the arc, with the exception of the one free throw that he has hit.

Morrow has hit 11-of-16 from inside the arc. This would be great shooting except for the fact that in the same time Morrow has gone 0-of-10 from outside the arc. This was the area that he made his bread and butter.

The reason for this? This is where he was able to separate himself from other players in the league. Unfortunately for Morrow, the rest of the league is starting to develop three-point shooters who can do other things as well.

Kawhi Leonard led the league in three-point percentage last year. He also won defensive player of the year. Stephen Curry had the most three-point shots attempted and made for the last two seasons. He is also an extremely good passer who was also thirteenth in the league last year in assists.

Morrow also does not possess a very good defensive game. In fact, he is a poor defender. He appears to have started shooting at a young age and gotten through most of the basketball he played by being a lights out shooter. If the other players are scoring twos against you and you are hitting three pointers at a similar rate, then you will win more than you lose.

Now the NBA is leaning heavily on three-point shooters and Morrow has to either step up his shooting game or be left behind.

This is the last year of Morrow’s contract. Alex Abrines appears to be a ready-made replacement and has just signed on for three years.

Morrow had better start hitting more three-point shots or he will be moving house. The Oklahoma City Thunder would be crazy not to try to get something for Morrow before the year is out, a second round draft pick at the very least.

I will leave that in your hands Sam Presti.