Anthony Morrow finally hits a three-point shot, 16 games into the season

Now, let it be known that I am a Oklahoma City Thunder fan. Let it also be known that I do not like to see professional athletes struggle. However, as an Oklahoma City fan, I expect better from Anthony Morrow.

The man is a career 42 percent three-point shooter, going 767 of 1816 from beyond the three-point line. This season, Morrow is going at eight percent. In ten games he has gone 1-of-12.

To remind us all of how good he is from three, this is the sort of shots that he hits with regularity.

To show how bad he is going from range, Kyle Singler is hitting at a higher percentage than Morrow. In ten games Singler has hit 2-of-16 for 13 percent on the season.

Even Enes Kanter, a center, is shooting better, going 2-of-12 for 17 percent.

For the Oklahoma City offense to work to its greatest efficiency players like Morrow, Singler and Alex Arbrines have to be going near 40 percent from distance. Abrines is currently shooting 12-of-44 which is good for 27 percent.

So the three players on the Thunder roster who are meant to be floor spacers are currently shooting a combined 15-of-72 which is a 21 percent from three.

It is extremely lucky for Oklahoma City that their rookie power forward Domantas Sabonis is shooting 17-of-43 from beyond the arc. At least he is providing some floor spacing.

Why is it so important to space the floor? Because Russell Westbrook and Victor Oladipo are guards who create off the dribble and are especially dangerous if there is room for them to drive.

Without three-point specialists making their pay checks by hitting a decent percentage, Oklahoma City are in for a long season and probably a very early exit from the Playoffs. If they make it that far.