Anthony Brown is on his second team in two years. Could he use the injury suffered by Dante Cunningham to finally establish himself as an NBA player.

Anthony Brown played for the Los Angeles Lakers last year, getting most of his game time when Kobe Bryant was injured. This is a fools paradise as the Laker faithful wanted to see Bryant and would have been disappointed to see Brown.

It is fair to say that Brown was never going to be Bryant and when the Lakers drafted Brandon Ingram last year with the number two pick and also signed Luol Deng. Browns days as a Laker were over.

Brown was not able to pick up any offers in the off-season so the 2015-16 season could have been the one and only for Brown.

Fortunately near the NBA for those without contracts, there are 82 games for every team, plus Playoffs, plus travel and practice. You get the idea. With this, injuries happen and players who were not contracted get opportunities mid season that were not there at the start.

The New Orleans Pelicans signed Lance Stephenson late in the pre season, filling out their roster. Stephenson plays the first six games. He averaged 9.7 points and 4.7 rebounds per game in that time, shooting at 47 percent from the field. Pretty good numbers.

He then suffers a groin injury that requires surgery and will sideline him indefinitely. Such is the nature of professional sport that Stephenson isĀ  then waived by the Pelicans.

Others in the depth chart ahead of also have a similar amount of luck to Stephenson. Quincy Pondexter is out long term with a knee injury. Tyreke Evans who can play small forward at a pinch is still recovering from multiple knee surgeries and blood clots.

Most recently, Dante Cunningham left the Minnesota Timberwolves game on the 2th of November with an apparent knee injury and the team announced via Twitter that he is now expected to miss 4-6 weeks.

So now ahead of him on the depth chart at New Orleans for the small forward position is Solomon Hill. Hill is a good defender whose 4.9 points per game is not putting any fear into opposition coaches. He is hitting 30 percent from deep but only taking two shots a game.

This is the time for Anthony Brown to shine. He will be playing alongside superstar Anthony Davis so there will be less pressure on his shot as other teams need to double team David. He will be given great service by guards Tim Frazier and Jrue Holiday who are showing how well they can run an offense.

All that Brown needs to do is find spots on the floor that he can be dangerous from and wait for the ball to come to him. In his second game as a Pelican, Brown did just that and in three minutes went 2-of-2 from distance, collecting himself six points. It is this scoring that will get Brown increased minutes.

If Brown can keep shooting well, he will help New Orleans space the floor, leaving plenty of room for Davis to do his thing. Davis is currently second in the NBA in scoring with 31.5 points per game.

If Cunningham misses 4 – 6 weeks as reported then Brown will have up to 20 games to show New Orleans why they waived Archie Goodwin to sign him.

One thing is for sure, the Pelicans are a lot of fun to watch right now and I hope for one that Brown can make his mark with this team.