After the 47 point game today against the New York Knicks it is possible that Karl-Anthony Towns will be the best center ever.

Karl-Anthony Towns is an incredible player. In his 18 games for the season he has collected ten double doubles.

In his rookie year, he collected 51 double doubles. which is a crazy number for a rookie. He only had nine games where he did not score in double figures. A rookie, seriously. He had only 18 games where he did not collect ten rebounds.

As a rookie, Towns had seasons highs for points (35), rebounds (21), assists (9), and blocks (6 twice). In the nine assist game he almost collected a triple double. He had 11 points, 21 rebounds and nine assists.

In only 18 games this season he has beaten his points (47) and come close with  rebounds (18 twice).

The scary thing is that Towns is only 21 years old. Currently he is 80th all time in the NBA for points per game with 19.07 over his short career. His field goal percent is 53 percent, this has him at 200th ever in the NBA.

His rebounds per game is 10.37, that is good enough for 38th all time in the NBA. His shot blocking is pretty good too, with 1.6 per game he is 56th all time in the NBA.

I say it again, this guy is just 21. The NBA is a little different than when Hakeem Olajuwon played, but tell me that if you see Towns play that you can not compare the two.

Looking at the highlights from last season, Towns passing is amazing, his offensive rebounding is impressive.

His numbers would have been better last season except he was playing with the previous rookie of the year winner, Andrew Wiggins. Together, this combination will dominate the NBA in a way that Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook could not.

Look out NBA, there is a big KAT prowling.