In the fifth of the month in review articles, today we look at Aron Baynes of the Detroit Pistons.

Aron Baynes had an up and down November. He still played like a junk-yard dog. He defended with a high intensity and rebounded with a vigor, only matched by starting center Andre Drummond.

In 16.8 minutes per night, Baynes has averaged 3.4 points, 3.8 rebounds and 0.4 blocks per game. His slash line for the month was 38/00/86. His points per game for the season is 4.8 per game. Both of these numbers are down from his career numbers of 5.3 points per game.

Also, Baynes’ rebounding numbers are down. He has 3.8 rebounds per game in November which is down on his season average of 4.5. His rebounds per game for his career is 4.0 so he is going pretty steady to average there.

Still, the shooting has to be a concern for Baynes in the month of November. When you shoot at 38 percent from the month at center, something is not right. Baynes has a career field goal percent of 51 percent. This is a massive drop of.

Fortunately, in Baynes only start for the year, he showed why the Pistons signed him last year. Baynes played 34 minutes for 20 points and eight rebounds. He shot at 62 percent from the field, connecting on 8-of-13 shots and helped the Pistons have a win over the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Baynes, however cannit be summed up on a stat sheet, he has always had that x-factor. According to team-mates, Baynes is their protector and their enforcer. This is something that can’t be taught, nor can it be quantified.

What can be quantified is the rebounding provided by Baynes. Coming in behind Andre Drummond who is one of the top rebounding players in the league, the Pistons don’t lose much with Baynes on the boards. Yes, he only averaged 3.8 in December but he had eight rebounds against the Charlotte Hornets and against Oklahoma City, where Drummond did not play. He had seven against the Cleveland Cavaliers and Miami Heat. For a backup center who plays behind one of the great rebounders of the generation, these are good numbers.

One thing that does not get a lot of credit for Baynes is his rim protection. There are times that he looks like his feet are in concrete but his three blocks against the Denver Nuggets were a fantastic help in getting the victory. He also collected two blocks against the Brooklyn Nets going up against their franchise player, Brook Lopez.

Baynes is never going to win any awards for pretty basketball. I call him the junk-yard dog for a reason. However, you do not have to play prettily to be effective and Baynes had a solid month in November