In the last of our month in review articles we take a look at the month of November for Utah Jazz combo guard/forward Joe Ingles.

Throughout my daily updates of how Australians are going in the NBA, I have called Joe Ingles Mr Versatility most of the way through. Part of the appeal that Ingles would have for any team is that he can play, and guard three spots, though point guard would be more difficult.

What Ingles does is he shelves his ego and give the team what it needs when he is on the court. This was especially evident for me when Ingles played for Australia in the most recent Olympic campaign where Australia was robbed of a medal. Ingles was Australia’s best small forward at the games because Ben Simmons made himself unavailable due to wanting to focus on his career. No one can begrudge a young man that.

Ingles, like he is for Utah, was not the most effective player on the stat sheet. However, basketball is won on the court, not on paper. Ingles is the link man in the offense, the man defending the inbound, the man there as the bailout.

His game prevents turnovers and his shooting commands enough respect that you simply cannot leave him alone. Ingles is never going to lead a team into the Playoffs or the Finals. What he will do is give you a solid 16 minutes off the bench, and do what he is required to.

In November, Ingles got those 16 minutes due to injuries to Gordon Hayward, George Hill and multiple other players. Ingles was able to play as long as he has on the court for the Jazz because of what he brings.

In the other month in review articles I have gone into details  about the players strengths and how they compare to previous years, where the months stats sit in terms of overall career.

I cannot do this with Ingles. His versatility reminds me of Nate McMillan, unfortunately without the same level of talent. In his only start of the year, Ingles scored 20 points in place of Gordon Hayward. He did this on 7-of-11 shooting and collected four rebounds. For that one game, he replaced Haywards scoring and rebounding.

Ingles has collected four rebounds twice in a game in November. He is averaging 1.4 per game but collected the extras when Derrick Favors was out injured. Ingles has collected three steals once in a game and two steals twice in a game in November as well as giving out four assists in the 14 point loss to the Denver Nuggets.

The other evidence that Ingles does what the team needs is in his slash line. He does not go out of his comfort zone in order of shots but has a slash line of 43/35/73 which shows that he takes the shots that he is relatively sure of.

While Ingles is willing to put his personal glory aside, he will continue to get quality minutes in a much deeper Jazz lineup and he will continue to help them win.