With the first quarter of the season over, it is time to see the movement of the current day players in the all time NBA top 100 lists.

Dirk Nowitzki – Sixth – 29,552

Dirk Nowitzki of the Dallas Mavericks is the active points leader on the all time list. Nowitzki started the season in sixth all time with 29491 points and unfortunately due to only being able to play in five games due to injury, this is where he has stayed. He is still 1,867 points behind Wilt Chamberlain who is in fifth.

Nowitzki is 48 points away from being only the sixth player in NBA history to have scored 30,000 points in his career.

LeBron James – Ninth – 27,359

LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers sits second active on the all time list for points scored. He started the season in 11th place but his 526 points this season at 25.0 points per game has moved him past Hakeem Olajuwon and Elvin Hayes on the all time list to get him into the top ten.

He only requires another 50 points to pass Moses Malone and move into eighth all time.

Paul Pierce – 16th- 26,341

Paul Pierce of the Los Angeles Clippers is in his final season of NBA basketball and is struggling to get court time with the third seed in the Western Conference, playing only seven games on the season. In that time, Pierce has only scored 25 points at 3.6 points per game to remain in 16th all time. Pierce is only 54 points behind John Havlicek for fifteenth place.

Vince Carter – 24th – 24,136

Vince Carter of the Memphis Grizzlies has been reduced to a role player for a number of years but he appears to be enjoying his role and performing it well. Carter was playing really well at the start of the season until a hip flexor sidelined him. He is expected back soon and hopefully will keep scoring. Carter started the season in 24th place and has scored 167 points at 9.3 points per game. Carter is only 232 points behind Allen Iverson for 23rd place all time.

Carmelo Anthony – 29th – 23,022

Carmelo Anthony of the New York Knicks started the season in 29th spot, 652 points behind Elgin Baylor. So far the Knicks star has scored 525 points this season at 22.8 points per game, leaving him with only 127 points to go. Once past Baylor, he will move up the ranks quickly. At this rate he should catch Robert Parish who is in 26th before the New Year.

Dwyane Wade – 38th – 20,646

Dywane Wade played almost the entire of his NBA career with the Miami Heat before joining the Chicago Bulls this off-season. Whilst with the Heat, Wade made it to 39th all time. In the short time that he has spent with the Bulls, Wade has moved up one more spot, passing Mitch Richmond to go to 38th all time.

Wade has not slowed his scoring much since joining the Bulls, despite Jimmy butler being the team leader. Wade has scored 425 points at 20.2 per game meaning that he si only 62 points behind George Gervin and a further 82 points back from David Robinson. At the current rate, Wade will be very close to the top 30 by the end of January.

Joe Johnson – 45th – 19,545

Joe Johnson is a well traveled seven time All Star who in the off season joined the Utah Jazz to bolster their bench. Johnson started the season in 47th but his 227 points at 9.1 per game have moved him up to 45th all time. Johnson is just 46 points behind Clifford Robinson and will be close to the top 40 by the end of January.

Pau Gasol – 47th – 19476

Pau Gasol is another well traveled player who signed with a new club this off season when he joined the San Antonio Spurs after the retirement of legend Tim Duncan. Gasol started the season in 49th place but his 267 points at 11.6 per game have moved him up to 47th. At this rate, he might catch Joe Johnson by the end of the season to move up into seventh on the active points scored list.

Jason Terry – 58th – 18461

Jason Terry of the Milwaukee Bucks is there to provide leadership on a very young team. He started the season in 60th but his 53 points at 3.1 per game have moved him into 58th. I cannot see him getting much higher this season.

Kevin Durant – 66th – 18,190

By far the biggest mover of the year, Kevin Durant of the Golden State Warriors started the season in 77th spot. His 624 points at 26.0 per game have rocketed him up the rankings. At the current rate, Durant will be top 60 just after the new year. He is also the only player in the top 100 under the age of 30 so it will be interesting to see where he ends up at the end of his career.

There are only three players who have scored more points per game than Durant, Michael Jordan, Wilt Chamberlain and Elgin Baylor.. Durant is also the only person on the list to go past another active player this season, moving past Tony Parker who has missed some games through injury.

Tony Parker – 67th – 18,036

Tony Parker has been around the San Antonio Spurs for a long time. His scoring and play making have been a big part of their success. Parker started this season in 70th on the all time list and would have moved up four places except for Kevin Durant and injury keeping him sidelined for part of the season. Parker has only scored 152 points at 9.5 points per game on the season. Once he clears Dave Bing who is currently 65th, he will move quite quickly into the late 50’s all time.

Jamal Crawford – 81st – 17,382

Jamal Crawford of the Los Angeles Clippers looks like he is still in his late 20’s, not his late 30’s and his scoring is still magnificent. It always has been apity that he is not great on defense, just imagine the extra minutes and points he would have had. The bench role is again suiting Crawford who will put his hand up for sixth man of the year again. Crawford started the year in 89th position and has scored 306 points at 12.8 per game so far this season. He will be in the top 75 before the end of January if he keeps this up.

Zach Randolph – 91st – 16,939

Since Zach Randolph has moved back to the bench his game has flourished again. He started the season in 94th on the all time list and his 246 points at 13.7 per game have moved him up the list. He will move into the 80’s before Christmas.

All numbers were correct as at the 11th of December 2016