With Russell Westbrook averaging a triple double in points, assists and rebounds, his career numbers are skyrocketing. Lets see how far the first quarter of the season has moved him up the rankings.

Russell Westbrook is on a tear this season. His season averages are off the charts. Through 24 games, Westbrook is averaging 31.1 points, 11.1 assists, 11.0 rebounds and 1.3 steals per game. This equates to 747 points, 266 assists, 265 rebounds and 32 steals. Where has this moved him to all time.


Westbrook started the season in 211th all time with 12,598 points. His 747 points on the season has moved him into 180th position all time. That is 31 places moved up in just over a quarter of a season. Add to this he is already in the top 200 players of all time and you begin to understand the quality of this achievement. If Westbrook was in his third or fourth season, jumping 30 places would not be too difficult.

However, lets look at some of the names that Westbrook has passed. He has moved past Jim Jackson, Bill Cartwright, Lamar Odom, Mychal Thompson, Derrick Coleman, Bob Boozer, Horace Grant, Kevin Johnson, Jalen Rose, and David West to name a few. These are names of people who have forged incredibly successful careers in the NBA and Westbrook has gone past them well before his 30th birthday.

His 31.1 points per game average is more than nine and a half points above his career average from the start of the season.


Westbrook started the season in 78th with 4,453 assists. His 266 assists have moved him up to 66th in just over a quarter of a season. As he is in the top 100 all time in the NBA this is an incredible movement. Some of the people that he passed include Hal Greer, Randy Smith, Gus Williams, Joe Dumars, Wilt Chamberlain and Fat Lever. He has also passed Raymond Felton and Paul Pierce to move up the active list to ninth.

If Westbrook keeps going at the current rate, which is second in the NBA at the moment, he will move well into the top 50 of all time. This and Westbrook is not even 30.


Westbrook started the season in 476th with 3,285 rebounds which is pretty impressive for a guard. His 11.0 rebounds rebounds has his ninth in the league this season. The 265 rebounds that he has collected before the Boston Celtics game have moved him up to 427th all time.

This has moved him past Bob Ferry, Jojo Ferry, John Salley, Antoine Carr, Allen Iverson, Frank Brickowski, Michael Olowokandi, Dave Bing, Felton Spencer, Avydas Sabonis and Rick Fox. Most of these players are forwards or centers who had complete careers.


Westbrook started the season in 148th all time with 1,021 steals. He has not been as good this season, his 32 steals has moved him up to 135th on the all time list. He has moved past Paul Westphal, Stephon Marbury, Tim Duncan, A.C. Green, Michael Cooper, James Worthy, Michael Cage and Chauncey Billups. At the end of the season, Westbrook could be close to the top 100 all time.