There are three of the eight Australian players in the NBA out with injury at the moment. Here is an update on them.

During the 82 game schedule that is the NBA, there are always a number of players out through injury at any one time. The three injured Australians at the moment are Andrew Bogut, Ben Simmons and Dante Exum

Andrew Bogut

For anyone who has followed Bogut, this comes as no surprise that the big man is injured. He seems to find ways to miss games in a season. I know it is not by choice but Bogut is a player who would probably meet the doctors of a new team and have them on his Christmas card list.

Bogut’s latest ailmentis still his knee. He hyper-extended his knee when a Charlotte Hornet player landed on it back on the 5th of December. The Dallas Mavericks have listed the injury as a bone bruise and they had Bogut out for 2-4 weeks.

Fortunately, the injury is almost healed and Bogut is a chance of resuming his place in the lineup on Thursday the 29th of December against the Los Angeles Lakers. This will mean that Bogut will have missed three and a half weeks.

Fortunately this was the opposite knee that he hurt in the most recent Finals series for the Warriors when they lost to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Dante Exum

Exum is out for at least a week with knee tendinitis. Exum has been experiencing knee soreness for a number of years and who can forget the ACL that Exum tore playing for Australian before the last season.

I think that it is due to this injury that the Utah Jazz are being cautious with the young Australian who appears to be suffering some second year blues. He has not had the same lateral quickness since his return meaning that he is fouling more. This will all come back with time but until then, Exum will not live up to his full potential.

Ben Simmons

Simmons is yet to play an official NBA game, He did show off some of his skills in the summer league but I hate to say it, the summer league is not the NBA.

Simmons broke the fifth meta-tarsal in his right foot. This is commonly known as a Jones fracture. These can be devastating to a player, just ask Kevin Durant who managed only 27 games in the 2014-15 season because of a similar injury.

Simmons is expected back sometime in mid January but the Philadelphia 76ers have not released a timetable for his return. Most of us here in Australia cannot wait for the number one draft pick to hit the floor in anger.