Brooklyn had a number of players that they signed in the off season that needed to have good years to stay in the league.

Randy Foye is a journeyman combination guard who has played for seven teams in the eleven years that he has been in the league. At his best Foye is good to average ten points per game over the year, usually shooting close to 40 percent from deep when he does. Unfortunately for Foye, since he hit 30 his career has been in rapid decline.

In his second season in Denver, Foye turned 31 and he averaged below 9.8 points per game for the first time in his career. Midway through the third season with Denver, Foye was shooting below 30 percent from the perimeter for the first time in his career. Denver traded him to the Oklahoma City for DJ Augustin and got the better end of the deal by far.

Foye continued to struggle in Oklahoma City and was cut at the end of the season due to his struggles from deep not helping the team. Foye would have looked around for contracts but only the Brooklyn Nets appeared interested. Foye was signed by the worst team in the league to a one year deal worth $2.5 million.

For a team that had plenty of cap space, he appeared to be a roster filler and a potential trade bait player. Unfortunately for Foye and the Nets, he was out injured for the first six games of the season and dropped even further down the depth chart.

It was the injury to Jeremy Lin that gave Foye a chance at playing time. In 17 games of a possible 21 since his injury, Foye has played 16.9 minutes, scoring 5.1 points per game and shooting at 33.3 percent from deep. These numbers are not good enough for a veteran on a team which is struggling.

I have heard it said that Foye is one of the best locker room presence players in the league. The Nets are a team with some young talent and they need a mentor. It is my opinion that Brooklyn should indeed keep Foye as a mentor for the younger players but if his current numbers keep up to the end of the season then that should be in an assistant coach role. I can see Isaiah Whitehead becoming a solid player for the Nets, if allowed to do so.

Randy Foye has not aged well in an NBA sense. He is one of many players who are trying to keep their careers afloat and he is the only one who is failing to do this in a satisfactory manner. Luis Scola is still showing that he is capable of performing on some nights. Anthony Bennett has shown that he can heat up on any night and put up huge rebounding numbers and is helping space the floor while also banging bodies inside. Foye cannot do this at his size.

Foye either needs to start connecting from range to justify his position with the team on the 15 man roster or move aside. If he cannot hit from range then Brooklyn need to develop their younger players for the rest of the year. The more mistakes that they make this year mean that when Brooklyn become relevant again, these players will not be learning how to play in the league. Look how this has gone for Jabari Parker and the Milwaukee Bucks. Oklahoma City put the development of Cameron Payne on hold last year when Foye arrived, lets hope that this does not bite them this year.