There were two games in the NBA involving Australians

Matthew Dellavedova, Thon Maker and the Milwaukee Bucks traveled to Detroit to take on Aron Baynes and the Pistons. The Bucks were way too good on the night, coming away with the victory 119-94

Patty Mills and the San Antonio Spurs hosted the Phoenix Suns, the hosts came away with the victory 119-98

Matthew Dellavedova

Dellavedova played 20 minutes and I have to say, it was a good 20 minutes. Dellavedova broke out of his shooting slump for a game scoring 11 points on 4-of-7 shooting including 2-of-2 from deep and 1-of-1 from the line.

Dellavedova also collected two rebounds and two assists. Dellavedova managed to break even with Reggie Jackson and if Dellavedova can do that, then the Pistons lost one of their game breakers, meaning that they lose the game more often than not.

Thon Maker

As the game was over at the start of the fourth quarter, there was a chance for Coach Jason Kidd to play the end of the bench early. Unfortunately, Kidd waited until there was just under three minutes left in the game. Maker scored two points, going 1-of-3 from the field, missing both his three point attempts.

Aron Baynes

Baynes played 18 minutes in the loss and it was one of the most disappointing games that I can remember him playing. Usually when Baynes has a six point, four rebound game with a steal, he has done his job. Particularly when he goes a perfect 3-of-3 from the field.

Unfortunately, Baynes had one of his worst defensive performances I have seen from him in his NBA career. He constantly let Greg Monroe get where he wanted to go. If you let Monroe go left, then he will burn you. 7-of-10 for 14 points is a fair return for a backup center.

Patty Mills

Mills had another night where he was not required to be at his best. Tony Parker had a throwback 20 point performance on 10-of-16 shooting. This means that Mills only played 16 minutes, scoring six points on 2-of-5 shooting. He missed both three point attempts, but was perfect from the line going 2-of-2

Mills collected three rebounds and two assists on a night where Phoenix were only competitive until half time.