There were three games in the NBA today involving Australians

Patty Mills and the second in the West San Antonio Spurs hosted the second in the East Toronto Raptors. The Spurs were only headed on the first score of the game, otherwise the Spurs dominated the contest, winning the game 110-82

Andrew Bogut and the Dallas Mavericks hosted the Washington Wizards and in the game that Andrew Bogut went back to the bench to help the team, the Mavericks won the contest 113-105

Joe Ingles and the Utah Jazz traveled to Boston to take on the Celtics. Boston proved too strong on their home court, winning 115-104

Patty Mills

Mills had another low production night, once again he did not have to go into the shooter zone that he has to when the Spurs are in trouble. They never were. Mills simply kept the second unit rolling over. He payed 17 minutes in total and scored six points on 2-of-4 shooting, all from beyond the arc.

In a night where Mills almost had a better stat line than that of the starting Toronto point guard Kyle Lowry, Mills also collected three rebounds, three assists and one steal..

Andrew Bogut

As stated earlier, Bogut requested a move to the bench for tonight’s game. This is huge for the former number one draft pick. Bogut has laways been a starter in the league and he understood that two traditional big players on the court at the same time was hurting the Mavericks. rather than ask Mavericks legend Dirk Nowitzki to start from the bench, Bogut did the noble thing. This has surely got to endear him to Mavericks fans.

Due to the move to the bench, Bogut gave the Mavericks a strength in the second unit which allowed the smaller players to play and score more freely, helping them to win.

In 19 minutes Bogut missed all of his three shots, but as usual he was a master on the boards. He collected six rebounds, had two assists and one block. This helped lead the second unit charge which got Dallas back into the game.

Joe Ingles

Ingles was his usual versatile self. Unfortunately it was not enough to get the Jazz over the line against the Celtics. The faith that Coach Snyder is showing in Ingles is nothing short of amazing. As I have said in previous articles, Ingles was meant to lose most of his playing time with the summer additions to the Jazz squad. Due to the injuries that the Jazz have had over the first couple of months of the season, Ingles has been able to shine.

Ingles is leading the NBA in three point percentage over the first few months of the season. His numbers are better than Stephen Curry, Kyle Korver, Kawhi Leonard and Kevin Durant. It is no wonder Ingles has actually started playing more in the Jaz rotation, rather than les. He is even being given the responsibility of shooting the three when games are on the line like he did against the Los Angeles Lakers. He is making them too which helps..

Against the Celtics, Ingles played the most minutes of any bench player with 26. He only scored seven points on 2-of-6 shooting, including 1-of-4 from deep. He had good form from the free throw line making 2-of-2. In another all round performance, Ingles had five rebounds, four assists and one steal.